All That Glitters is Not Gold

Recipe For Disaster || Hanna & Toby

"Damn, where is that black belt?" Hanna murmurs to herself, gazing around her messy room. It looked like tornado had blown through it. Again. But unlike the other times, there were alcohol bottles everywhere. Whiskey. Beer, Vodka. Liquor. There were even a few wine bottles stuffed under her bed. She sighs and combs her fingers through her hair. Maybe she did have a problem. She had been drinking an awful lot lately, and had been using the money she’d saved it up to buy her stash, when she’d run out of selections from her mother’s liquor cabinet. It was a good thing she had a fake I.D. Hanna was supposed to meet Toby at the Applewood Grille in ten minutes, but she has going to be a few minutes late. Hanna was wearing a dark red, short dress with black flats, and a black-and-red headband that held back her golden hair. All she needed was her matching belt. “Where are you, you little—aha!” Spotting the accessory on the back of her computer chair, Hanna snatches it up and loops it around her stomach.

Hanna plucks up her purse, carefully stepping over the bottles of alcohol and makes her way downstairs. When she reaches her kitchen, she grabs her vokda-filled flask off the counter and slips it inside her purse. It was a damn good thing her mother wasn’t in town. Swiping her keys out of the bowl in the front hallway, Hanna walks outside, locks up behind her and slips into her car. After she starts it, she buckles up, removes her sunglasses from the dashboard and slides them on her face. After a quick look in the mirror, she’s ready to go. 

When Hanna arrives at the Applewood Grille and saunters inside, she notices that Toby has yet to arrive. She orders a Coke and sits down. Once it arrives, she opens her purse and fishes out her flask. Ignoring the looks from other restaurant patrons, Hanna unscrews the lid and adds a hefty amount to her glass, then replaces it back it in her purse. “Just a little bit to help me relax,” she tells herself out load. That’s all it was. And she didn’t have a problem. Right?

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